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Web OffRoad - Rigid Industries LED Flashlights

Rigid Industries LED Lighting - Rigid Industries LED Flashlights
The Rigid Industries Halo 800 Lumen Flashlight is the best all around flashlight we have ever used. Utilizing the Cree 10W XM-L LED with a machined aluminium reflector makes this an extremely versatile flashlight. With a nice wide beam for area illumination but a focused center that will project to a distance of 1000' on the highest setting.The Halo 800 is about the same length as a Mini Maglite but almost 10x the light output.

The Rigid Industries Halo 800 Kit comes with a dual AC and car charger and a rechargeable battery. With this light you will have a compact light powerhouse that will outlast any other flashlight on the market.

If you are looking for the Halo 800 flashlight or any other Rigid Industries LED light system, you will find what you are looking for at weboffroad.com.

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