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Hawk Performance Brakes, Brake Pads and Rotors

Hawk Performance is one of the top suppliers of high performance and severe duty products. All of their brakes and brake components are made in facilities that are ISO certified. Their brakes and brake components are all meant for the performance automotive and motorsport aftermarket. The products made by Hawk have been engineered to allow for the user to be able to be in control so that the driver can conquer and command whatever terrain they might be on. Web OffRoad is proud to carry a large selection of Hawk Performance products.

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Hawk Brakes

Hawk makes brakes and slotted rotors using compounds that are advanced. These brakes and rotors have been sized in such a way that they will give you the ideal fit just as if they were original equipment but they have been engineered to be able to give your rig a boost when it comes to braking power that is suited to your needs. Hawk has been a member of the Carlisle Brake & Friction family for decades and they draw on nearly a century of experience in building brakes.

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Hawk Brake Pads

When you are in need of a basic brake pad that is able to replicate the experience of your original equipment while giving you a level of performance that has been enhanced then you need the ceramic brake pads made by Hawk. They also give you stopping power that you will have to see to believe as well as a longer life coupled with a reduced amount of brake fade as they also have a lower capacity to build up dust. For those vehicles that need more powerful options, Hawk makes the HPS and LTS brake pads that will give you a smoother application that is great for those premium rigs. They have a grip that is stronger and that is extremely effective at higher rates of speed.

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Hawk Brake Rotors

Since you have just put the new Hawk brake pads on your rig, you really should follow that up with the Hawk rotors. There is no reason for anyone to choose anything less than the best and that is especially true when it comes to the brake pads and rotors that you are placing the safety of yourself and your passengers on.

Hawk has standards for their rotors that are as high as yours are. For that reason, they only make and sell the rotors that they themselves use on their vehicles. They have a history of both customer service and quality that has been proven.

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