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Weathertech Floor Mats, Floor Liners, Mud Flaps, etc

Weathertech Products

When you want automotive protection that is American made and of the highest quality then you find them with Weathertech. MacNeil Automotive Products Limited is the parent company of Weathertech and for the last quarter of a century they have invested in the American made products. Through innovation, productivity and creativity they have created the Weathertech brand of products that continue to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning vehicle enthusiast.

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Weathertech Floor Mats

The All Weather floor mats that are made by Weathertech have set the standard in the industry when it comes to protecting the carpet in your rig. These floor mat feature channels that are quite deep and are there to catch mud and water. They also feature anti-skid ridges that prevent the mats from shifting.

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Weathertech Floor Liner

The DigitalFit floor liners that are made by Weathertech are where all weather protection and technology meet. The material used for these liners is called HDTE – High Density Tri-Extruded – and has a patent pending on it. This material allows for there to be a rigid core to provide strength while it also offers a surface friction for the carpet. The surface of it has a tactile feel. The advanced surfacing means that there are channels that are there specifically to carry debris and fluids to a reservoir where there is even more channeling that will assist in minimizing the movement of the fluid while you drive. Once this runoff is trapped in the reservoir simply lift the liner over the sill of the door to empty it!

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Weathertech Mud Flaps

The mud flaps that are made by Weathertech are easy to install and require no drilling. For most applications they can be completely mounted in just minutes without you even needing to take the wheels and tires off. They come with a warranty for both workmanship and materials.

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Weathertech Cargo Liner

The Cargo liners that are made by Weathertech provide complete protection for your cargo area. These liners have been designed by computers to give you a precise fit and they have a lip that is raised that will keep grease, dirt and spills from the interior of your rig while the liner protects your carpet from wear and tear.

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Weathertech Pet Barrier

This barrier is one that has a universal application. It is adjustable to a full 42 inches in height without the use of an extension and to 66 inches in width. The barrier is expandable and adjustable and it will keep your pets safe in the rear area of your rig. The heavy duty tubing measures 5/8 of an inch in diameter and is telescoping. This allows for installation that is simple and doesn’t require drilling or tools.

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