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Vision X Lighting

Vision X

Vision X LightingAutomotive lighting has come a long, long way since the days of sealed-beam headlights. Today’s lighting setups are brighter, clearer, more rugged and can put in a much longer service life. Vision X is far ahead of the curve – since 1997, they have been revolutionizing the lighting industry with innovative, exciting new products. You can find Vision X lighting products on everything from military vehicles to off-road trucks and 18-wheelers. Vision X puts their products through some of the most rigorous testing imaginable, even including a test in NASA’s TORR Chamber, which subjects the lights to temperatures of -323 F and zero atmosphere.

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LED Lights

Vision X is a true innovator when it comes to LED lighting products; they are available in a wide range of configurations, shapes and packaging, from the 50 watt Light Cannon to heavy-duty lighting products that incorporate rows of low-wattage LEDs to put out as much as 38,000 lumens. Vision X also offers dozens of model-specific lighting setups for your vehicle!

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LED Bars

If you’re thinking you need some serious lighting for your vehicle, you might look into Vision X’s LED Bars. These rugged lighting setups feature multiple LEDs of low to medium wattage, all placed for aim and maximum coverage. Vision X LED Bars use electronic thermal management and Pulse Width Modulation for maximum bulb life; PWM is designed to flash an LED faster than the human eye can detect, dissipating heat. With heavy-duty housings, a wide range of configurations and styles and rugged mounting hardware, there’s plenty of LED Bar setups to choose from. LED Bars may not be street-legal in your area; check local laws and ordinances.

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LED Pods

Compact and easy to install, LED Pods use the same LED and reflector technology as other Vision X products, but in a much smaller size. LED Pods are designed for extreme conditions and tough use, and are a great fit for late-model production vehicles of all kinds.

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Vision Xmitter

If you really need the maximum in vehicle lighting, the Xmitter Xtreme Double Stack may be what you’re looking for. The Xmitter is designed with rows of 5-watt LEDs to project up to an incredible 38,016 raw lumens, in sizes ranging from 4” to 21”.

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Remember that all Vision X products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty!

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